Wayne Brock

Master's Student

Wayne Brock is a recent M.S. graduate from San Francisco State University’s Cell & Molecular Biology with expertise in various molecular biology techniques including DNA/RNA extraction, mammalian cell culture, PCR, and ELISA machines with Standard Operating Procedures. He has over eight years in quantitative and qualitative research, which includes public health, science education, aging and genetics. He has been trained in SFSU’s Health Research Equity lab, the only lab of its kind, conducting research on how stress gets “under the skin” in learning environments. He latest research study investigated the impact of interpersonal racism and microaggressions on Black students in eroding their telomeres, a biomarker of premature aging. Currently, he is working on benchmarking and analyzing the various RNA-seq and DNA-seq tools on the RNASeq Landscape project. His current research include genetic ancestry, precision medicine, and SNPs. He has expertise in various facilitation techniques that include Qi-gong and Khemetic yoga, to cultivate community program development with research-based learning styles. He has experience with youth nonprofit organizations, high school curriculum, research institutions, and corporate executives.