Diala Alhousari

PhD Student

Diala is a graduate student pursuing her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical and Translational Sciences at the University of Southern California’s School of Pharmacy. She is co-advised by Dr. Serghei Mangul and Dr. Bangyan Stiles. Prior to Ph.D.study, Diala earned her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at the University of Southern California in May 2022. During her undergraduate research career, she worked with Dr. Carolyn Phillip where she investigated how RNA silencing pathways modulate gene expression and maintain genome integrity. During her undergrad, she also worked with Dr. Barry Thompson at USC, designing an organic polymer for photovoltaic cells. Currently, as part of her Ph.D., she is interested in studying how adaptive immune system play a role in liver cancer. Outside of school and research, Diala likes reading books, trying new restaurants, and traveling.